Friends who know me call me Sandy and that’s the name a prefer.  I started this blog about my faith journey, my walk with Christ, at the suggestion of one of my pastors. I have three, depending upon where I find myself, and each can claim credit for inspiring my faith, bringing me closer to Christ.  I wore a silver cross around my neck before I knew any of them.

I love to write, but sadly have not devoted the time to writing that my ardor should dictate. I hope to change my ways. I remember many a night 14 years ago when I would fall asleep with a Post-It pad and black Flair pen on my night table. When I awoke, I would scribble some lines of poetry to be refined in the morning. If it couldn’t wait, I would head downstairs to my office and put and hour or so in at the computer. In an hour, I would have a love poem. The name of this walk from childhood is Lover’s Lane. The oak in the circle replaced a much larger one which was there when my grandmother was a little girl. It lasted until my childhood.  I’ve always liked the shot. Imagine, I took it with a 2 megapixel camera.

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(Photo credit: Sandy Bristol)

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