Iran Nuclear Deal

Lord hear our prayers!

Tomorrow, as our leaders gather in Washington, D. C.

to deliberate over the shame known as Iran nuclear deal,

we humbly ask that you instruct them to do what is right:

to do what is right for Israel, to do what is right for America,

to do what is right for the free world, for all who love liberty.

Bestow sight upon the blind, humility upon the vain,

reason upon the irresolute, wisdom upon the imprudent.

Unite us as one people against our common enemy:

the henchmen of tyranny, spreaders of slavery, suffering,

vile defilers of our Christian faith.

Lord, have mercy upon us!

Know this rampaging evil engulfing the whole world

reflects not who we desire to be, reflects not Christ’s teachings.

Foolish, we freely admit we have not acted soon enough,

not comprehending the full fruits of the error of our ways,

the same lesson unlearned in the Garden.

We who love You—we who know Your son Jesus died on the cross

that we might have eternal life—

we ask for Your blessing, Your guidance in this—our darkest hour.

Steel us anew that we might hone the sword of Your wrath to defeat our foe.

May we raise the cross once again in glory!

In the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Ghost.




(Photo credit-Chess: Sergey Peterman/Shutterstock)

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