Gun Control

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Have you ever noticed that the people who are the most ardent supporters of gun control have either Secret Service protection, their own specially-dedicated police force or their own private security to keep them safe?

Talk to any policeman or woman and he or she will say, “We cannot be everywhere all the time.” Given that scenario, what are people supposed to do to protect themselves? 

I don’t buy the liberal fantasy that you can round up all the guns everywhere. No matter what laws are in force, the criminal element will still have guns. You may be able to force legal gun owners to give up their guns–through fines and threats of jail time–, but criminals are in the business of breaking laws. Accordingly, they will still have guns, and guns–much like drugs are today–will be sold to the highest bidder in a huge black market. 

If you want to solve the problem of gun violence in schools overnight, you must take down those  “gun free zone stickers” and install metal detectors and station armed and plain clothes security guards in the schools. We have them everywhere else: airports, train stations, corporate headquarters. Planes have air marshals.  Security is a modern fact of life.

When I was staying in Colombia, the hotel I stayed in had armed security and security cameras. My drivers for the most part were either retired detectives or retired military officers. When we drove to a mall, our car was routinely sniffed by a bomb sniffing dog.  Far from being scared, I grew accustomed to these security measures and saw them as welcome additions. In fact, if there was a bombing in Bogota, the army would come and surround the hotel with a ring of protections, making it the safest place in the city. 


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