Brexit.  Yes or No? Of course, I don’t know anything. If I did, I’d bet the right way and be on a plane to the Bahamas to buy a second home. I’m willing to bet that Brexit happens.

As a trader, I am short-term neutral to long-term short.  I’m taking this trade or trades because the conventional wisdom is that Brexit can’t happen, that it shouldn’t happen, etc. In the stock market you learn that when everyone is long something, it’s time to get short. Play for the outlier, not the conventional wisdom.

What is overlooked here is the voice of the people in Britain who are faced daily with an onslaught of Muslims who seek to change their culture and their very way of life.  Has the European Union really worked for the British?  Is the average British citizen brave enough to state publicly that it hasn’t and why?

The question really is whether or not the Muslim migrants have enough power to vote in favor of staying with the European Union, thereby swaying the outcome in their favor. That is an open question.  Once the floodgates allow enough people of a distinctly different culture in, the culture of the host country is forever changed.  I, for one, am praying that the scales haven’t been tipped so far.  It is also a question of the interests of the people who control the money, versus the interests of the populace.   Money vs. people. For the longest time here in the United States, the moneyed interests have won, hence we have a political class that completely ignores the will of the people in furtherance of its own ends.

It will be interesting to see how things play out.  If Britain no longer controls her own destiny, then there will really be only five countries left to defend Western civilization and the Judeo- Christian way of life: The United States, Canada, Israel, Australia and New Zealand.

We shall see.  Praying tonight for Britain.  May God be with her.


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